We are the Penitentiary Initiative team.

Our close-knit team works in the field of HIV / AIDS prevention. Each of us realizes how socially responsible this activity is as our work takes place in correctional facilities of the Nikolaev area. Psychologists conduct thematic trainings, conversations, and organize actions for convicts. Initially, the work was mainly conducted with injecting drug users. At present, there are also self help groups for people living with HIV and convicts in the category of “excluded from the community”.

In addition to convicts, we do not forget young people – consultations on the Internet help them make the right choice. Special attention is paid to the so-called “difficult teenagers”. For them there is a “Community Center”, where we harmoniously combine our goals with the interests of these guys. In the center for them the possibility of physical development (sports corner), and also intellectual (courses of work on the computer, library) is created. Our psychologists conduct trainings with them on the prevention of HIV and other diseases, trainings on the formation of personal qualities, communication skills and social adaptation, because many of them practice criminal behavior. It should be noted that psychocorrectional work is carried out with minors also in the Nikolaev pre-trial detention center. Our organization is also actively developing a gender focus on HIV / AIDS prevention.

Summing up, I would like to say that our work brings us joy, because by benefiting society, bringing a creative beginning to this process, we feel the support of the team. As they said in one Georgian cartoon: “Do good and throw it in the water.”

Our management:
The head of the board is German Elena Valerievna
Executive Director – Elena Vyacheslavovna Chuprina
Member of the Board – Irina Yaroslavovna Mospan

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